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Bear Necessities
Charts, data and articles about the bear markets of the past plus words of wisdom for the present.

The Bad News Bears
A two part series on bear markets. First part is on historical bear markets. Second part is on safeguarding your portfolio. 05/04/98

Bear Hunting Season
September! 'Tis the season to be pessimistic! Or is it? 09/10/99

Bear Market Hedging
An interesting hedge promoted by Canaccord Capital involving convertible debentures and short selling. 06/29/98

Bear or Bear Market Trap?
Despite bearish rumblings, some analysts caution that what looks like a bear could be a bear market trap! 04/03/00

Grin and Bear It
In the wake of a market downturn, your Guide takes another look at bear markets, examining the Q Ratio among other things. 09/07/98

1929 Crash
Chart of 1929 stock market crash from Lowrisk.com

1973-'74 Bear Market
Chart of the 1973-'74 bear market from Lowrisk.com

1999 Bear Market?
Charts show what an equivalent to 1987 drop would do to today's market - from Lowrisk.com

A Bear Market: Now What?
About Stocks Guide Mike Griffis asks "Is a bear market a buying opportunity?"

Bear Hunt
This page at the Prudent Bear Fund has dozens of links to articles articulating a bearish view.

Black Thursday
An interesting collection of headlines from the New York Times for the period leading up to the 1929 crash, during the crash and afterwards.

Crash Index
World Wide Financial Network has an index updated daily measuring the likelihood of a market crash.

How to Invest During a Bear Market
Stocks Guide Mike Griffis tells us what should you do if we enter a bear market.

NASDAQ Bear Market Vs. the 1929 Crash
Another fascinating page from Lowrisk.com compares the NASDAQ Crash of 2000-2001 to the Dow Crash of 1929. How much lower can it go? Take a look!

Nikkei Bear Market
Chart of the Nikkei bear market from Lowrisk.com

Prudent Bear Fund
This American fund site argues strongly that a bear market is imminent. Managed by David W. Tice & Associates.

Tip of the Iceberg
Article in the Sept. 11, 1998 issue of Canadian Business argues strongly that we are in for a ten year bear market.

Tulips & Bears
This is a fascinating site that lists its specific long and short picks and why. Takes its name from the Dutch tulipmania and has a decidedly bearish outlook. Analyses Canadian as well as American and foreign stocks.


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