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Book reviews plus bookstores where you can buy some of these books.

Review: - It's When You Sell That Counts
There's lots of books on picking stocks, but few on when to sell them. We review one excellent book by Donald Cassidy that does.

Review: - Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Our review of Robert Kiyosaki's best seller about the difference between what the rich and the middle class teach their kids about money.

Review: - Rich Dad, Poor Dad
While your Guide liked Kiyosaki's book, real estate expert John T. Reed hated it. Read his review and find out why.

Review: - How to Make Money in Stocks
Our review of William O'Neil's classic. O'Neil is the founder of Investors Business Daily and the developer of the CANSLIM approach to investing.

Review: - Allowances: Dollars & Sense
We take a look at Paul Lermitte's excellent book on how to raise financially literate kids.

Review: - Rule Makers, Rule Breakers
Our take on the Motley Fool's third investment book.

Review: - Outsider's Guide to Speculative Stocks
Chris Bunka, founder of Newsgurus.com and publisher of Bunka's Outsider's Overture, penned this excellent book on speculative stocks. We review it.

Review: - Eat the Rich
We take a look at humorist P.J. O'Rourke's "Treatise on Economics" - probably the funniest treatise ever written.

Review: - The Millionaire Next Door
Thomas Stanley and William Danko wrote this fascinating study of millionaires in America. Lots of food for thought as we note in our review.

Review: - Cooking the Books With Mike
We take a look at this cook-book style take on investment advice from Vancouver financial analyst Michael Campbell.

Review: - The Gorilla Game
Geoffrey Moore and his associates wrote this book on investing in high tech stocks. We give an overview.

Review: - To Russia With Fries
George Cohon founded Macdonald's Canada and was the driving force behind launching Macdonald's in Russia. We review his fascinating and inspiring autobiography.

Review: - Value Investing Made Easy
We review Janet Lowe's excellent explanation of the principles of value investing.

Review: - The Warren Buffett Way
Robert Hagstrom Jr. does an excellent job of recounting Warren Buffet's life and explaining his investing method as we note in our review.

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