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Debt and Credit Management
Debt and credit are tools to use to your benefit, but they can have unintended consequences. Use them wisely.

Credit Counselling Services
From the Office of Consumer Affairs, a list of credit counselling services across Canada.

Dealing With Debt: A Consumer's Guide
From Industry Canada, a guide to dealing with debt, covering danger signals, solutions, counselling, and bankruptcy.

Debt Reduction
Information on debt reduction from Michael T. Killian, About guide to Credit/Debt Management.

Managing Money from the CBA
Published by the Canadian Bankers Association, Managing Money looks at borrowing and credit use, both important in the money management process.

Mortgage Wise from the CBA
From deciding to buy, to finding the right home, to the details of your mortgage, this booklet from the Canadian Bankers Association will help guide you through the process.

10 Ways to Protect Your Credit Cards
Security tips from the Canadian Bankers Association to protect your credit cards.

The Credit Book
Credit can be a useful tool in your financial planning, but only if its use is well-planned. The Credit Book from the West Fort William Credit Union will help.

Using Credit Wisely
Tips on using credit wisely from the Canadian Bankers Association.


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