Ethical Investing  
Resources about ethical and environmentally friendly investing.

Double Your Savings! Double Your Fun!
Labour sponsored funds used to be considered a poor investment, but not any more. Some have excellent track records.

Enviro Stocks Table
A table of around thirty environmentally friendly stocks including alternative fuel companies.

Labour Sponsored Mutual Funds
A variety of resources and information on Canadian labour sponsored mutual funds.

Make a Buck! Save a Tree!
A short guide to environmentally friendly stocks in Canada.

Alternative Energy
About's Alternative Energy site is run by a Canadian and includes a collection of investing net links.

Fuel Cell Stocks Heating Up
Investment Clubs Guide Joe Pulizzi takes a look at this hot sector.

Canadian Ethical, Environmental and Social Funds
Extensive list of Canadian ethical mutual funds.

EthicScan Canada
Toronto based organization that monitors the social and environmental performance of 1500 Canadian companies.
An economics student at Carleton University put together this excellent site which lists over 100 environmentally friendly companies.

KEFI Exchange
The website of the KEFI Exchange - the Canadian organization set up to facilitate the market exchange of pollution credits among companies.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Investors' Newsletter
This newsletter covers a wide range of both Canadian and American companies engaged in hydrogen fuel cell technology and research.

A site put together by some American investment advisors who take an ethical approach to investing.
This site focuses on mostly American and some Canadian alternative energy stocks.