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The Savvy Consumer - Frauds and Scams
Most of us want to trust others. But some take advantage of that trust. Be informed. Protect yourself, your family and your money.

A Burglar's Guide to Home Security
Not really a scam, but still: how do you protect your property? From MoneySense.

Consumer Scams in Canada
Warnings, alerts and safety precautions to protect you and your family from Canadian scams and fraud, online and offline, from Susan Munroe, About guide to Canada Online.

Fraud Quiz
Could you be a scam victim? Take this Fraud Quiz from the Office of Consumer Affairs and get tips to protect yourself.

Global Security Services
This British firm specializes in investigating fraud with an emphasis on financial frauds such as Ponzi schemes and high yield investment programs.

How to Spot a Scam
From Phonebusters, operated by the Ontario Provincial Police, learn how to spot a scam, so you don't get caught by one.

Is Your High Yield Investment Program a Scam?
Global Security Services offers this free report on high yield investment scams.

Latest Scams
The best way to reduce fraud is through increased awareness. Learn about common consumer fraud schemes from the RCMP.

Marketplace on Scams
Many of us fall victim to con artists every year. Here are some factsheets from the Market Place files to help you stay aware.

Protecting Yourself When Shopping Online
Some tips from the Canadian Bankers Association about shopping online.

Check out Internet Scambusters for information on Internet fraud.

Scams and Frauds
Check this tips and links to frauds and scams from the Office of Consumer Affairs.

Security Tips for ABM and Direct Payment
Protect yourself when using ABM machines or debit cards with ten tips on security from the Canadian Bankers Association.


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