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Market Indices


eSignal Stock Market Quotes and Charts
DJIA featured at the top of the page. Scroll down and look on the right side for other major world markets.
All the major American and international stock indices are listed in a box at the upper right of this page.
Scotia Global Banking and Markets
Bond yields, international market indices and major currency exchange rates all on one page.
Market Indices Net Links
Anything you missed, you'll find here.

USA & Canada

Dow Jones Averages
Daily numbers on the world's most famous index.
NASDAQ Market Indices
NASDAQ Composite and other US indexes listed.
Russell Indexes
The Russell US indexes as well as Russell's Global indexes can be found here.
Standard & Poor's Index Services
Home of the S&P 500 and other S&P indices.
Wilshire 5000
The Wilshire 5000 is the broadest based American stock market index encompassing virtually all publicly traded US companies.
globeinvestor World Indices
Major Canadian and US Indexes listed.

Stock Quotes

eSignal World Stock Quotes - enter the name of any company to get its listings all over the world.

Stock Research

Corporate Information
Excellent site that links to extensive information on over 39,000 companies from over 65 countries around the world.
globeinvestor Markets
An excellent  resource for researching stocks from around the world with a special focus on Canadian and US stocks.
This superb site from the wall Street Journal has everything you need to research a stock.
Yahoo Finance
A great site for researching stocks.


Many newsletters are listed here with links to their websites and introductory offers an/or sample issues.
You can get introuctory subscriptions at a discount to many newsletters here.

Historical Stock Prices

Big Charts Historical Quotes
Get historical quotes on most US and Canadian stocks.
Yahoo Historical Quotes
Enter a symbol and get historical price information on any stock.

Mutual Funds

The website for mutual fund information in the United States.
Fund Library
A great website focused on Canadian mutual funds.
GlobeInvestor Funds
A primary resource for information on Canadian mutual funds and ETFs.

Bonds & Money

eSignal Forex Quotes Quotes for eleven different currencies

Comprehensive financial product and rate information including mortgages and GICs.
Economic Indicators
Extensive data from StatsCan including GDP, CPI, employment rate, savings rate, government, etc.
Money Supply
Exchange rates, interest rates & money supply from StasCan.

Exchange Rates
Chart Canadian dollar against any foreign currency for selected time frames here.
GIC Rates
Current GIC rates compiled by Canoe Money.
Mortgage Rates
Current mortgage rates compiled by Canoe Money.
Bonds & Money Net Links
Can't find it on this page? Try this these handy Net Links.


CME Group
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is the world's leading commodities market.
One Stop Investing Spot for gold and precious metals enthusiasts.

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