Momentum (or Relative Price Strength)  
All about momentum indicators and the momentum approach to stock picking.

Growth Companies
Growth companies are virtually synonymous with momentum investing.

Top 500 Stocks on the TSE
Every month we update our extensive table listing the top 500 stocks on the TSE for one year performance.

Momentum Indicators (MACD)
About Day Trading Guide Rob Rak explains the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator in this three part series.

Moving Averages
About Day Trading Guide Rob Rak presents a ten part series on Moving Averages.

New Highs
According to William O'Neil, founder of Investors Business Daily, stocks hitting new highs tend to go higher while those hitting new lows tend to go lower. Find out which stocks are hitting new highs!

They Got Mo'
My review of the Cabot Market Letter which uses momentum analysis extensively.

Cabot Market Letter
A capsule description of the newsletter - price, frequency, what you get in each issue, contact info, subscription info.

30 Years of Great Returns
This Motley Fool article shows how Relative Strength screens have consistently outperformed the S&P 500 for the last 30 years.

Information Technology Perspectives (Canada)
Charles Whaley at IT Enterprises publishes a weekly listing of Canadian IT stocks by trend.

Longtime Leaders Churn Out Strong Margins
Christina Wise explains the importance of market leadership or relative strength in this article from Investors Business Daily.

Relative Strength and the TSE
Value investor Dr. Norman Rothery takes a critical look at the relative strength approach to investing.

Relative Strength: Its Meaning and Use
Good explanation of relative strength at

TSE 300 Trendwatch
Another excellent site from Charles (Information Technology Perspectives) Whaley, Trendwatch charts and compares the TSE 300 subgroups and the TSE as a whole.