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Value Investing  
Information about value investing and the world's greatest value investor, Warren Buffett.

Berkshire Hathaway
Like their annual reports, the Berkshire Hathaway Site is long on useful information and sparse on fancy graphics and other razzamatazz.

Berkshire Hathaway's Owner's Manual
Here, in his own words, Warren Buffett outlines his business philosophy and approach to investing for his shareholders.

Book Review: The Warren Buffett Way
My review of Robert Hagstrom's excellent book on Warren Buffett. Must reading for anyone interested in value investing.

Book Review: Value Investing Made Easy
My review of Janet Lowe's excellent book on value investing.

This value oriented site is geared to the young investor with a long savings and investing time frame. Focuses on quality long term investments.

Dueling Fools: The Buffett Buffet
Dale Wettlaufer and Bill Barker debate the merits of investing in Berkshire Hathaway in this feature from The Motley Fool website.

Global Value Investing
A detailed explanation of the value approach to investing.

The Motley Fool
The Fools have turned Wall Street on its ear with their frank and entertaining analyses. They look for stocks to buy and hold for the long term.

The Return of the Buffetteers
John Price of Sherlock Holmes Investing attended a recent Berkshire-Hatahaway shareholders meeting and gives this entertaining report.

Sherlock Holmes Investing
John Price is a huge Warren Buffett fan and has developed software to help you analyse stocks using Buffett's methodology. Much good reading on this site.

The Stingy Investor
Extensive daily data on Canadian and American markets including TSE Advance/Decline and P/E ratios for stocks in the index. This site from Dr. Norman Rothery takes a value approach to investing.

The Successful Investor
Pat McKeough's The Successful Investor takes a value oriented approach to selecting Canadian stocks. Site provides an email link to request a free sample.

Toronto Investment Club
This club is big on value investing and worth checking out. Lots of useful information.

Value Investigator
Michael Irwin, manager of the value oriented ABC Funds, runs this entertaining and informative website.

Value Investor's Worksheet
I've created this handy worksheet you can use to evaluate stocks from a value perspective. The main article looks at the worksheet and elaborates on some points. A printable version is linked.

Value Wizard
Here's a handy online intrinsic value calculator from Numeraire.com, home of Global Value Investing.

Warren Buffett Profile from Forbes
A brief biography of Buffett as reported in the Forbes list of the world's richest men and women.

The Warren Buffett You Don't Know
Nice feature on Warren Buffett from Business Week.


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